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Diagnostic Services

When your in Devils Lake, ND stop by our truck repair shop for diagnostics and have your check engine, or stop engine light read. We can hook up to your ecm and see what it’s telling you. 

Cummins  Engines - we have cummins insite  software to perform some of the following procedures.  Aftertreatment  maintenance  reset, cylinder cutout, DEF  doser pump override  test, DPF  service regen, fuel  injector calibration, fuel  injector reset, fuel  leakage test, idle  shutdown, road &  cruise  limits, trip reset, VGT actuator installation and calibration, VGT  hysteresis  test, all parameters  that  are  unlocked can be  changed.

Detroit  Engines - We can perform cylinder cutout  - DPF  ash accumulator reset, DPF regen1 - cruise  limits, def quanity test, idle  shutdown, parked SCR efficiency test, performance  check low  temp ATD, road speed limits, SCR output  component  test  - SCR airless  doser self check - parked scr efficiency test, performance  check low temp ATD.

International  Engines - We can do a Actuator Test, Aftertreatment  Reset, CDPF Reset, Cylinder Cut  Out, DEF  Doser Pump Override  Test, DOC/DPF  Replacement  Reset, DPF  Service  Regen, Fuel Pressure  Adaptation Reset, Idle  Shutdown Time, KOEO Injector Test, KOEO  Standard Test, KOER Standard Test, KOER Air Management  Test, SCR Faults  Reset

Mack &  Volvo Engines - We can do dpf regens, Cylinder Cut  Outs, DPF  Service Regen, DPF  System  Reset, Enable  or Disable  Cruise  Control, Learned Data  Reset, Set  Cruise  Max and Min Speeds, Set Road Speed Limit, Set  Idle  Shutdown Time, Trip Reset  - DEF pressure  system  test, EGR function test, VGT  Function Test, VGT Monitor Test

Paccar Engines - Some of the procedures we can do are, Automated Cylinder Performance  Test, DEF  Doser Pump Test, DPF  Service  Regen, Install  a  New  or Cleaned DPF

ABS diagnostics  for trucks  and trailers  - troubleshooting and repair, software  for bendix, haldex and meritor wabco.

Truck Diagnostic Tablet

Truck Diagnostic Tablet