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Truck Repair Diagnostic Services: our mechanic can do diagnostics for check engine lights, stop engine lights, ABS lights, perform regens, doser overrides, replace engine harnesses & ecm's. Look for electrical shorts and open wires, test sensors, relays and fuses. 

Air Conditioning

Truck Repair: we provide R-134A service for your semi or straight truck. Our mechanic will check to see how much pressure is in your system, if it has some we recover it and perform a pressure leak check to see if loss is coming from a hose, schrader or compressor seal. 

We we can change the cab filters, remove and wash out the evaporator and heater core for increased air flow and cooling. 

After repairs  we pressure leak test the system again, vac and charge to spec. Run the system and monitor pressure behaviors to see how the freeze switch, expansion valve and engine fan switch are performing and make changes if necessary. 

Annual Inspections

Our shop mechanic will do annual vehicle inspections for semi trucks and trailers and other fleet units that require annual inspections. If something is found during inspection, we can work the truck repair into our schedule.  

Common items found during inspections would be shackle pins wearing into upper mounts, fifth wheels worn, trailer kingpins worn, exhaust leaks, air leaks, lights, brake shoe linings worn, brake drums past spec, tie rod ends, drag links, steer sectors, suspension bushings, motor mounts, ABS issues.


Truck Repair Devils Lake, ND: Our mechanic can R&R your clutch, R&R transmissions, R&R differentials, hanger bearings, ujoints, air bags, springs, wheel bearings, wheel seals, driveshafts for truck or semi tractor.

We replace brake shoes, brake drums, abs sensors, air valves, modulators, brake cans, slack adjusters, scams and bushings, brake hoses. 

Light engine service

Other truck repairs offered at our shop in Devils Lake, ND: our mechanic can run diagnostics for your ecm, sensors and engine harnesses. If needed our mechanic can replace your ecm, engine harness, injectors, air compressor, starter, alternator, water pump, fan clutch, fan, radiator, turbo, broken exhaust studs, oil cooler, egr valve, egr cooler, sensors, fuel pumps, high pressure pumps. 

We don’t offer overhauls, but will R&R an engine. 

Oil Changes

Truck Repair, Devils Lake, ND: We offer oil changes for your trucks and trailers. Our mechanic will change the oil and oil filters, fuel filters if you want them done at that time, check the air filter, fluid levels on engine, transmission and differentials. Grease the chassis and equipment if it has a body of some sort crane, hyrail or box.